IT Support in Pasadena: Server Virtualization Can Be Beneficial and Can Reduce Costs

IT Support in Pasadena: Server Virtualization Can Be Beneficial and Can Reduce Costs

Virtualization Is Generally Better Than On-Site Server Arrays

While not all businesses benefit from server virtualization, for most, IT support experts in Pasadena would recommend making the switch. On-site server arrays are quickly becoming the province of niche industry.

In the mainstream, the substantial cost isn't worth the associated benefit--it used to be, but with the advent of cloud computing and other similar innovations, this generally isn't the case anymore.

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Distinct Benefits of Server Virtualization

Server virtualization puts you on the cutting edge and facilitates expanded competitive viability at a decreased overall operational cost, with greater security--provided you get the right virtualization solution. Additional benefits include:

A Reduction in Hardware Expenses

When you're going the virtualized route, you're usually "renting" server space on the cloud. Essentially, you pay for a simulated server environment that acts precisely as an on-site array would; only it's not located on-site, it's located on the cloud.

Hardware is expensive, transportation, space, and energy are costly, and you've got to have on-site staff to manage the equipment. Additionally, that equipment must be replaced at intervals. Virtualization eliminates those costs.

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More Efficient And Reliable Disaster Recovery

IT support providers in Pasadena can help you backup information automatically as soon as it becomes available. You're a lot less likely to have issues from a managed option through a cloud provider who has an onus to protect the information of their customers.

Notable and Recurring Energy Expense Reduction

You're going to have fans that keep hard drives cool with on-site servers. Those fans require energy. Lights, circuitry, and cooling apparatuses are on continuously with a server array. That's expensive. With a virtualized server solution, there are no costs of this kind.

With Proper Implementation, a Distinct Productivity Spike

You'll see expanded productivity when you can cut out certain expenses. Reduced expenses allow you to expand financial focus on areas of operation that are more integral to core business needs.

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You won't be playing catch-up operationally as much, and you may be able to use your freed up budget to increase marketing expenditure, R&D, or other necessary operational budgets.

Finding Virtualization Solutions That Fit Your Business

At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc, our IT support team in Pasadena can help you apply virtualized server infrastructure to your business. Proper implementation will result in expanded productivity, reduced costs related to energy, more efficient disaster recovery, and diminished overall hardware expenses. Contact us for more information on server virtualization and the best solutions for your particular business.