Is 5G Readiness Part of your IT Support Needs in Pasadena?

Is 5G Readiness Part of your IT Support Needs in Pasadena?

5G is here to stay, and it will reshape your business, whether you are ready now or never. Given that mobility is already a bigger part of the workplace today, 5G should be where your focus is at the moment.

For the most part, the 5G transformation will be for the better: faster data transfers, stable connections when roaming on location, and exciting customer experience. The best IT support provider in Pasadena can help you with a 5G adoption readiness strategy.

Lower Latency and Faster Data Speeds

Perhaps this is the most hyped aspect of the 5G internet. While 4G speeds capped at 100Mbps per second, 5G’s higher limit is 10 gigabits per second.

That translates to 100 times more speed for your internet-reliant operations. And given that companies are generating a huge amount of data every day, such high data transfer speeds are pivotal for efficiency.

A Boost to Your Distributed Workforce Program

One of the trends currently underway and that will probably be with us for long in the future is remote work plus on-site working programs. Most companies are switching to such blended work environments to slash real estate costs, keep employees safe, and improve job satisfaction levels.

If a distributed workforce is a direction that you plan to take or maintain in the future, then please stand in line for the early adoption of 5G.

With its reliable speed and connectivity, your workers will be able to maintain higher productivity regardless of where they are.

A Revival for the Internet of Things

IoT devices generate and use galactic amounts of data and similarly require high bandwidths.

5G and its sister, WIFI 6, may both lead to renewed vim and vigor in the adoption and deployment of IoT capabilities. That’s an opportunity to find IT support that helps you improve automaton and create highly interactive buyer journeys for your business in Pasadena.

More Devices Supported on the Network

When you are hosting an event in a stadium, or if yours is one of those larger factories with many internet-reliant devices and machines, 5G will solve your capacity headaches.

Generally, in such kinds of environments, there is a lot of competition for connectivity plus interference from heat and noise. The new network can support up to a million devices by square km, without causing interference.

Are You Ready to Capitalize on the 5G Network?

If you want to learn more about how 5G can help your company, get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions.

We can provide the kind of IT support your Pasadena business needs to get your infrastructure ready for 5G implementation. We can help to transform your business into an exciting and highly productive atmosphere. Contact us now!