IT Support in Los Angeles: Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan

IT Support in Los Angeles: Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan

Working with IT support providers in Los Angeles helps to safeguard your business systems from internal and external threats that can alter the consistency of business operations. As a business, back up and data recovery is not enough; you need a contingency plan to succeed. A business continuity plan provides a solution to keep your business running smoothly in case of an emergency. It protects data in the cloud and both virtual and physical servers. Surprisingly, about only 27% of small businesses have a business continuity plan. Below are the top reasons why you need a business continuity plan.

Recovery from Disasters

Disasters can occur when you least expect. Approximately 60% of small businesses close down after significant cyber-attack. Disaster can range from natural disasters to human errors to malware attacks by cybercriminals. When a tornado or a ransomware attack hits your business, you risk halting all operations. IT services providers in Los Angeles can arm you with an excellent disaster recovery plan to ensure that your business continues operating unaffected by adverse situations. The plan provides backup solutions to withstand competition.

Reduce Downtime

Continuity of services and product supply is very crucial for business revenue. Small and medium businesses incur about $5600 per minute from technological outages. When your employees or customers can’t access critical data or applications, the business revenue and productivity will be affected significantly. The sooner you resolve a business operation, the shorter downtimes and lesser losses. Whether you are dealing with a cyber-attack or a natural disaster, an IT support provider in Los Angeles will ensure you are back to business as soon as possible. Business continuity strategy allows a business to work from virtual servers as experts work on primary servers.

Customer Protection

Your customer base is one of the most valuable assets for your business. You need to protect your consumer information so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. A business continuity plan provides a guideline of actions to take when your customers face an imminent threat. On the same note, customers are likely to jump ship and join your competitors when they experience inconsistencies. This poses a threat to your business survival. A business continuity plan maintains consistency by replacing affected resources, including infrastructure and technology, hence protecting your brand and customer base.

The importance of a business continuity plan can’t be overemphasized. At DCG Technical Solutions, we prioritize on solving your IT problems by providing tip-top IT support solutions in Los Angeles. We use IT best practices to prepare a continuity plan to cushion your businesses in case of a disaster. Our robust IT solution will ensure you reap most from your technological investment. Contact us now for more information.