IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Fixing Computer Slow Speeds

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Fixing Computer Slow Speeds

If you are experiencing slow speeds on your computer, IT consulting services in Los Angeles can often provide you with incredible solutions. Working with a slow computer can be very frustrating, and yet computers tend to slow down in performance over time. Although some performance issues cannot be fixed, a few optimization measures can be taken to increase your computer’s performance. Here are some proven and tested ways on how to speed up your slow computer:

Uninstall unused programs

New computers are often shipped with a couple of preinstalled programs, and these programs can accumulate to several unused programs overtime. Some of these programs are non-essential, and you will never use them. Unfortunately, some of them run in the background and contribute to slowing down your computer.
To uninstall these programs, click on the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel." Go to "Programs and Features." Go through the list of programs and uninstall the programs you do not use.

Add more RAM

Sometimes good computers get overwhelmed when they have to run several programs simultaneously. When several programs are fired up at the same time, they all use a certain amount of your computer’s memory. When this memory is overwhelmed, your computer’s performance will significantly reduce. The computer memory (RAM) is responsible for your computer’s speeds and so adding more RAM will speed up your slow computer. In Los Angeles, managed IT services professionals can help you with this.

Stop Unnecessary startups

Programs that run on startup also may slow down computers. These programs are preset to fire up immediately on startup. Although some programs, such as antivirus, are supposed to launch immediately at startup, other programs may be unnecessarily set to do so, and therefore slow down your computer.

To stop the unnecessary programs on startup, Right click on the Taskbar and choose "Task Manager," go to the Startup tab. You will see all the programs that run on startup, their impacts, and an option to disable.

Adjust your power options

Windows 10 comes with preset power plans with the default always set to "Balanced." This balances your computer's performance and its energy consumption. If your computer is already slow, you should consider changing up these settings to increase the speeds. When you select the "High Performance" option, your battery power will be quickly used up, but you will have a much faster computer. It helps to reach out to IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles if you need any help with your computer.

There are many other ways to optimize the performance of your computer, such as defragmenting your hard drive, checking for malware, and deleting them as well as updating software and programs. Some of these solutions are technical, and therefore you may require the assistance of experts. At DCG Technical Solutions, we offer IT consulting services in Los Angeles which can help you with your tech problems. Get in touch with us to learn more.