IT Consulting in Los Angeles: How to Stay Safe Online from COVID-19 Related Scams

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: How to Stay Safe Online from COVID-19 Related Scams

In these crucial moments, working with IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles provide assurance of staying safe from hackers and malicious cybercriminals taking advantage of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Fraudsters are taking advantage of the pandemic, using new tricks and scams to defraud innocent and unsuspecting people online. From setting up fake COVID patients tracker dashboards, malicious websites, and posing as WHO officials, staying safe from these cyberbullies can prove challenging. That said, the following tips can help you stay safe during this period:

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Check Trusted Sources Directly

According to IT consulting experts in Los Angeles, scammers take advantage of eager citizens looking for information and updates about the pandemic online. They use identity theft, posing as authoritative and trusted sources while carrying out attacks on innocent individuals. Cybercriminals send emails purporting to have been sent from official organizations, such as the World Health Organization or US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The emails claim to provide key updates on the spread of the virus with must-read recommendations and tips to avoid infection. However, the message contains bobby-trapped attachments and links with malware that direct users to phishing sites.

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Cybercriminals also know that big brands, such as FedEx, proactively contact their customers, reassuring them of steps they have implemented to keep their customers and staff safe from the virus. As such, they send spoof messages purporting to be the staff of such companies.

Donate Carefully

Hackers have taken advantage of the generous nature of people willing to support those affected by the virus. Fraudsters send phishing emails, requesting donations to fund affected countries and research activities into the virus. Such emails claim to be from “Departments of Health” and crafted to bring forth a sense of urgency, prompting readers to make hasty decisions. To make donations, visit an NGO’s website directly instead of clicking links sent through your email.

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Search the Internet

These hackers have likely sent similar messages to other people. If you have been receiving fraudulent messages and emails, according to Los Angeles IT support professionals, you can validate the message by pasting it into a search engine. This will show similar messages reported by others. You will also likely find media reports about the same.

Working from home while staying safe from online attacks during this ongoing pandemic requires utmost caution. Avoid clicking unsure links, don’t open unsolicited emails, avoid sharing personal data, and consider employing the services of an IT consulting solutions provider in Los Angeles. If you have any concerns or looking to maximize your safety, don’t hesitate to consult DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.