An IT Support Provider in Los Angeles Can Help You Prevent Cryptojacking

An IT Support Provider in Los Angeles Can Help You Prevent Cryptojacking

One of the many reasons to consider outsourcing to an IT support provider in Los Angeles is data protection. An emerging trend in cybercrime is cryptojacking, which involves the unauthorized use of computing devices to mine for cryptocurrency.

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Why Cybercriminals Seek Cryptocurrency

In recent years, cryptocurrency has become convenient for legitimate online purchasing. Cybercriminals use sophisticated tools to mine for cryptocurrency. The value of this digital currency is based partly on supply and demand, as there is only a finite amount to be mined. Bitcoins have wildly fluctuated in value the past decade.

Due to the mathematical scarcity of bitcoins, coin-mining has emerged as a lucrative venture for some investors. The more computers one uses for bitcoin mining, the better the odds at uncovering bitcoins, which is why cybercriminals hijack the devices of unsuspecting users.

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The hijacking of cryptocurrency is known as "cryptojacking". With minimal code, cybercriminals can hijack a computer and use it to mine for cryptocurrency, which runs up high computation and electricity costs for the victim. Meanwhile, the criminal escapes with tokens.

Defending Against Cryptojacking

An IT support provider in Los Angeles can monitor your network to detect vulnerabilities or the presence of suspicious visitors. Cryptojacking skyrocketed in 2017, according to a security threat report by Symantec. The company blocked over 8 million coin-mining events just in December 2017.

One of the most common ways an attacker takes over a computer is by sending an infected email. Once the unsuspecting employee opens the email, malware is unleashed in the system. The best way to guard against this attack is by training your employees to beware of suspicious emails.

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Another way cryptojacking happens is the web browser miner method, in which the attacker installs a cryptomining script on a website that infects the devices of visitors. Your IT team can create a blacklist of these sites and block your computers from accessing them.

It's advantageous to work with IT outsourcing experts in Los Angeles which can help fight cybercrime. Working with cybersecurity experts is the most reliable way to prevent a security breach in your system. Cybercriminals continue to get more sophisticated, so the best way to protect your data against this problem is to work with experienced experts.


If you want to make sure your business isn't disrupted by hackers, the best solution is to work with a team that regularly keeps up with the most advanced cybersecurity solutions. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about IT support services in Los Angeles and how to run your network as safely and efficiently as possible.