Reimagining IT Support for Your Business in Los Angeles

Reimagining IT Support for Your Business in Los Angeles

You'll find both advantages and disadvantages to either hiring in-house IT or outsourcing to an IT support provider in Los Angeles. Clearly, you need to choose between these solutions to survive and move forward in the cybercriminal-infested internet. Here are key concerns to consider when deciding what type of IT services work best for your business model.

Building an In-house IT Staff

Hiring your own internal IT division presumes you will choose talent devoted to constantly learning about new technology, standards, and trends. Many times, however, the knowledge and skill levels of in-house IT technicians becomes stagnant at some point. When your technology experts fall behind current technology, you risk losing your competitive edge.

A major benefit of harvesting your own IT team is that all your data is much more private, which creates an elevated sense of security. When you bring third parties into the picture, you must place a high level of trust in them to keep your data confidential. If your business involves heavy oversight by the government and must meet HIPAA regulations, it's better to keep your network as private as possible.

Another benefit of the internal approach is that your employees will become specialists in your system and their familiarity with your infrastructure will cut downtime on troubleshooting activities. On the other hand, the cost of paying salaries for multiple IT workers is usually more expensive than the turnkey outsourcing solution.

Outsourcing to Diverse IT Professionals

The biggest advantage of outsourcing to an IT support provider in Los Angeles is that it gives you access to high level experienced talent that covers a wide range of specialties. Not only will you be close to cybersecurity experts, but you'll also be able to tap into the knowledge of authorities on various cloud platforms. It's an excellent way to learn from mentors who emphasize cutting costs and boosting productivity through automation and other digital solutions.

Hiring a managed services provider (MSP) is growing in popularity for businesses because it costs less than an in-house staff and gives you potentially much more valuable insights. It allows you to avoid paying a big benefits package to each employee, along with other costs that do not apply to MSPs. An outsourced team will give you broader flexibility and easier scalability as your business grows. It's an effective option for businesses free of specialized requirements.


Defining IT support for your business in Los Angeles is imperative in an age of rising cybercrime. Choosing between internal and external IT support comes down to what's best for your specific operation. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about the most appropriate ways to build your business technology intelligence.