To Err Is Human; To Seek IT Support in Pasadena, Divine and Wise

To Err Is Human; To Seek IT Support in Pasadena, Divine and Wise

It’s hardly ever machine failure, at least not exclusively. In 90% of all data breaches, human behavior and culture are to blame. As the complexities and sophistication of attacks increases, there are many technological remedies that you can implement.

The first prudent thing for sound data security, though, should be leading behavior change in your organization. IT support experts in Pasadena can help with that.

Human-Related Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities and What to Do

1. Use of weaker passwords

Data by Verizon shows that 63% of data breaches happen as a result of stolen passwords. Why do the people in your organization use weaker passwords? The number one reason you will hear for that is “for easier remembrance".

But the people giving such a response are so painfully unaware of how one data breach from their 123-type of a password can take down the whole organization.

These are the same people likely to use a single password for their work emails and social media accounts. They are likely to use insecure password remembrance tools online.

IT support providers Pasadena can help with the implementation of technical measures such as two-factor authentication. However, employee education will critically be needed to make them aware of the risk of data breaches.

2. Propensity to fall for phishing scams

Social engineering scams account for 98% of all new recent data breach statistics. Scams such as phishing and spam, even with their growing sophistication, mostly only ensnare the ignorant.

Your employees must receive the training necessary to tell real messages from fake ones before they click on malicious links. Besides regular employee training, real-time scanning on devices and networks may reduce the risk of a breach via this attack path.

3. Unreliable physical security

A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy might be incredibly cost-saving for small businesses. Even so, this system of operation opens a can of worms in cyber-physical security vulnerabilities. Where do employees leave their devices at home?

When at the coffee shop, who looks after their devices when they step into the washroom? Anyone could physically access their laptops in such incidences and obtain your company’s sensitive information.

Best practices for BYOD must be implemented and adopted by everyone in your organization for an assured sense of data security. IT support experts can help create and implement a reliable BYOD security policy.

4. Unpatched vulnerabilities

This one touches on your internal IT team. Maybe the team is too lean for the day-to-day desktop support. Somehow because of that, they forgot to do vulnerability scanning, pen tests, and system patches. The result of that could be deadly – these vulnerabilities leave the door open for whoever is after your data.

The possible solution you can do to remedy this risk is expanding your IT team and provide retraining. A less costly alternative to that is getting a hands-on consultative model of IT support.

Outsourcing rarely disappoints. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. for your best and comprehensive IT support services in Pasadena.