Why Your Business Needs IT Support in Pasadena for Cloud Security

Why Your Business Needs IT Support in Pasadena for Cloud Security

Running a business completely in the cloud is part of the new American dream for many entrepreneurs. However, you may still need IT support in Pasadena to make your operation as secure as possible.

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Assessing Vulnerabilities

One of the best ways IT support experts can help your company is to run an infrastructure audit to determine vulnerabilities in your system. You'll be able to identify and replace or update insecure applications. Another way IT experts can improve your business is to provide essential training so that your staff is aware of the best practices for reducing the chances of security breaches.

Unsuspecting Insider Threats

Not all cybercrime originates outside a target company. Sometimes, insiders look for ways to steal data and sell it to other criminals. According to Information Security Forum, 54 percent of breaches originate from the inside, which should be a wake-up call for all businesses to tighten cybersecurity with strict access policies.

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Hijacked Accounts and Other Data Breaches

Data breaches happen to businesses of all sizes, even large financial institutions. The best way to ensure your network is safe is to work with an IT support provider in Pasadena so that you can resolve technical problems as soon as possible. Your IT team will keep records of your network and be able to diagnose problems quickly due to familiarity with your system.

Denial of service (DoS) is a type of threat in the cloud that could potentially cut off connections with your cloud services, leaving your business and its customers unable to tap into your resources. If cybercriminals send your system enough spam, it can keep your servers from buffering, which will cut off access to all your digital resources in the cloud.

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New Attacks Known as "Cryptojacking"

Cryptojacking is an emerging type of attack based on mining for cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, which is generated from algorithms. Since it takes quite a bit of processing power to effectively mine for this digital currency, hackers may try to tap into the processing power of computers connected in the cloud. This disruption may slow down cloud operations.

A big problem with cryptojacking is that it's difficult to detect. Inexperienced IT firms typically mistaken this intrusion as a software flaw that needs updating. The more they assume this scenario, the longer it will take to fix the problem.


Choosing an experienced IT support provider in Pasadena is the key to business survival these days, especially if you run a sophisticated operation. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can protect your data and give your business a competitive edge.