Establishing Backup Best Practices Against Downtime with IT Consulting Pasadena

Establishing Backup Best Practices Against Downtime with IT Consulting Pasadena

IT support providers in Pasadena commonly provide solutions for diverse customers, one thing that all of them agree on is that downtime is expensive. For enterprises, one minute of downtime costs more than $5,000.

Overcoming Downtime

IT consulting experts in Pasadena can help you establish infrastructural solutions which will very likely reduce downtime. Everybody has to contend with downtime annually, but the better prepared you are, the less this will impact your budget. To that end, tech protection from the right provider can be instrumental in the following:

Deflecting and Managing Ransomware Impact

IT support providers in Pasadena can deflect ransomware. This can be done through email screening, and it can be done through on-site education. Additionally, compartmentalization can help keep ransomware from overtaking the totality of your network.

Instead of the whole network being held for ransom, only one device will. Continuous backup makes it so whatever device has been infected can simply be rebooted from the backup prior to the infection.

Providing Infrastructure to Handle Unique Disasters

Disasters in terms of software and hardware can be internal, or they can develop from external issues. You'll want on-site backups, certainly. But it's integral to have off-site backups from which you can boot for localized physical disasters.

Establishing Flexible Solutions That Lend Themselves to Upgrade

You should implement security options that have enough flexibility that you can upgrade without too much trouble. Upgrades will be necessary as technology innovations develop. Accordingly, finding flexible security solutions against downtime is quite necessary. Managed options do this best.

Operational Methods Reducing Downtime

Our IT consulting Pasadena team can help you establish flexible solutions which aren't hard to upgrade, provide disaster-proof infrastructure, and deflect the impact of ransomware through careful network management. To learn more about downtime threats, and how to avoid them, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions.