Here’s Why You Need to Choose Your IT Support Provider in Pasadena Carefully

Here’s Why You Need to Choose Your IT Support Provider in Pasadena Carefully

As hacking threats continue to target businesses, a reliable solution is to outsource to an experienced IT support provider in Pasadena. It's imperative to work with professional technicians who know how to guard against and block cyberattacks.

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Global Hacking Campaigns

Every business should be concerned about major hacking attacks orchestrated from other countries. While there are various reasons for security breaches, among the most severe cases are mass-scale hacking campaigns with the intent of stealing confidential data. A major global ransomware attack was launched by Chinese nationals, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, occurred in December 2018 just before Christmas. The DOJ indicted two criminals who targeted managed services providers (MSPs) that remotely manage many IT accounts, seeking data on intellectual property and other confidential information.

The hackers, who were identified as members of the APT10 Group, which assisted the Tianjin State Security Bureau, have a record of hacking global computers for over a decade. Companies breached by the attack included several New York offices including banking and finance firms, as well as manufacturers and other supply chain entities. It's important to note that the attack exploited a vulnerable plugin developed by Kaseya. But the point is not the tool or the brand, it's that these types of attacks can potentially be devastating to many large businesses at once.

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Choosing Your MSP Carefully

An MSP is essentially a third-party firm that provides remote IT support solutions in Pasadena or another locale. You need to be aware that not all providers are prepared to deal with mass criminal campaigns that target MSPs and client networks. Smaller MSPs often exist to serve specific business communities and may not necessarily have all the robust solutions to fight and block criminals who are in the business of stealing information.

One of the first questions to ask an IT provider that handles multiple accounts is how well they follow best industry practices. The company needs to employ an internal security expert or a team that is well trained in following the latest cybersecurity methods. The infrastructure of your business and that of the MSP must be designed with up-to-date and multi-layered security.

A loosely thrown together IT team by college students might not have the depth in cybersecurity knowledge and training to be an appropriate choice. Similarly, a team of long-time IT veterans who don't keep up with new technology can also be high risk. Another question to ask an MSP to make sure they follow best industry practices is whether or not they implement multi-factor authentication. These days it's common and safer to use additional login information beyond passwords.

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Why Disaster Recovery Plans Are Essential

One of the primary factors that separates experienced and diverse MSPs from novice or outdated IT teams is that they develop and implement disaster recovery plans. All businesses, whether they have one in place or not, need a backup plan for data, equipment, and operations in the event of any type of disruption. This plan involves backing up critical data regularly on multiple servers.

Backups are at the core of data protection. Files must also be regularly tested to ensure access in the event of an emergency. A seasoned MSP understands that there are various ways files can be damaged - even by employees accidentally - which is why multiple backups are necessary. Established MSPs are also able to manage automated backup systems.


Failing to take proactive data protection steps can lead to the quick collapse of a business if it suffers a security breach, especially from organized foreign cybercriminals. Your IT provider needs to be up-to-date with a diverse background in technology. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about protecting your digital assets. Our IT support team in Pasadena is ready to serve you!