IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Business IT Security Essentials

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Business IT Security Essentials

IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles help businesses determine what they need in terms of security protections. Different operations will definitely have different needs, though there tend to be commonalities.

Defining Essentials

You're going to have a lot of options to choose from. A penetration test can help determine exact vulnerabilities. Generally, you want to pursue a threefold approach to security:

1. Secure Perimeters with Solutions Like Firewalls and Physical Security

IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles will first advise you to make entry and exit to your digital premises properly secure. Firewalls are a great way of doing this, you'll need to upgrade them at intervals. Physical security, like checkpoints at the entry to your building, are also necessary to help curb corporate espionage.

2. Securing Applications with Spam Filters and DNS Protections

Spam filters and Domain Name System (DNS) protections can do much to help your network applications retain secure operation. With email, there are going to be many vectors of approach cybercriminals will use to either steal your information, monitor it, or corrupt it.

3. Endpoint Security with Antivirus Protections and MFA

Endpoints, like laptops or smartphones or desktops, are a prime vector through which cybercriminals gain network entry. Commonly, Los Angeles IT support experts recommend antivirus tech that is patched automatically, as well as multi-factor authentication (MFA).

MFA essentially uses multiple endpoints to establish an individual's identity. So you're on a desktop and go to login, and a passcode is sent through MFA protocols to your smartphone, which you then enter into the network website for access.

Establishing Essential Security Protections

Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you establish solid endpoint security, antivirus protections, MFA, spam filters, DNS protections, and more. Which of these measures work best for you may depend on your operation. For more information, get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions.