Our IT Support Team in Los Angeles Debunks These Office 365 Migration Myths

Our IT Support Team in Los Angeles Debunks These Office 365 Migration Myths

If you are considering an Office 365 migration or if the wheels are already in motion, you have plenty on your mind. Peruse the web for guidance and you will find an abundance of myths, half-truths, and some outright lies. Our IT support team in Los Angeles is here to help you pinpoint the actual truth about this important migration and complete it in as seamless a manner possible. Let’s take a look at the top Office 365 migration myths.

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Myth #1: No Experience is Necessary to Complete an Office 365 Migration

To say anyone can complete a migration of this magnitude and complexity is nothing but a bald-faced lie. An individual with minimal tech experience will struggle completing an Office 365 migration. You need a migration expert as well as an individual skilled with implementation on your side to facilitate a smooth transition.

Myth #2: Migrations Are Easy and Fast

Migrations will chew up some time. Furthermore, this is not a straightforward process in the slightest. Our IT support team in Los Angeles can guide you through a phased migration that addresses challenges as they arise. In fact, once the transition is complete, your team will enjoy enhanced access to desktop as well as online versions of important Microsoft apps, improved email hosting, better video conferencing capabilities, and more.

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Myth #3: Every Migration Takes Exactly the Same Amount of Time

Migrations occur at varying speeds. The nuances of your company’s unique migration ultimately dictate its timeliness (or lack thereof). Our team can provide you with a migration time length estimate so you have a good idea of how long the shift will take.

Myth #4: The Same Approach is Suitable for Every Migration

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to such a migration. The phased approach optimal for one business might not be suitable for the next business and so on. In fact, a completely customized setup might be necessary for your specific migration. Our IT services experts in Los Angeles can custom tailor an Office 365 migration plan for your company.

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At DCG Technical Solutions, our IT Support LA team can help you with your Office 365 migration as well as your other tech challenges. Reach out to us now to learn more about our services and schedule an initial consultation.