Tips from IT Support Experts in Los Angeles: 3 Ways to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

Tips from IT Support Experts in Los Angeles: 3 Ways to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

The proper maintenance and use of your laptop battery can extend its use. The laptop batteries are designed to handle a particular charge cycle (from 0 to 100%). Many IT support professionals in Los Angeles advise clients to consider reducing their battery charge cycle.

The way to go about this is by making sure that your laptop runs longer on each charge by turning off the things that can extend your computer's power. This guide will explore a few ways you can get the most of your laptop use, instead of concentrating on the power indicator.

1. Don't Keep Your Laptop Constantly Charged

You should avoid keeping your laptop plugged in for a long time since it's not good for your battery and laptop’s long-term health. This is why some manufacturers feature smart charging mode that limits your battery from being fully charged.

This helps prevent battery degradation, especially when connected to the main power for a long time. To get maximum battery life when using your laptop on battery power, you should disable the limiter then charge your battery to 100%.

2. Change your Power Setting

If you are using your computer on battery power, windows will display the battery level on the taskbar. By default, your battery level indicator will be set to "Balanced" rather than "Power Saver." You should go to the control panel and search for power options to change and confirm the "Power Saver" option.

Finding this option is not a case of selecting and closing the window. IT support experts in Los Angeles advise that you click on the "show additional plans" to set your laptop to sleep or turn off the screen after five or ten minutes of inactivity.

3. Switch Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

If your laptop has a Bluetooth port, it can be a big battery drainer, especially when you turn it on. This is because your device will constantly be searching for other connections. Since you don't use your device Bluetooth all the time, you should consider disabling it to save your battery. For most laptops, you can disable Bluetooth by pressing the Function (Fn) key and the Bluetooth key on your laptop.

The same case applies to using Wi-Fi. For instance, if you are working on a project that doesn't require an internet connection, you don't need to have your Wi-Fi turned on. You can turn off your Wi-Fi using the function key (Fn) and the Wi-Fi button on your laptop.

Get a Long-Lasting Battery!

If you apply the tips highlighted on this guide, you'll ultimately realize an improved battery life for your laptop. Do you have any IT concerns that are derailing productivity in your business or organization? Get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions for quality and timely service. Our IT support team in Los Angeles is ready to help you!