IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Tips for Improving Hardware Lifecycle Management

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Tips for Improving Hardware Lifecycle Management

There is a correlation between company revenue and cost cuttings and effective hardware lifecycle management. An informed and agile hardware lifecycle management framework will keep your IT infrastructure working optimally at a low cost.

Hardware life cycle management is offered as part of many IT consulting services in Los Angeles—you get to focus on running your business on reliable systems.

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Know When to Procure, Deploy, Maintain, Upgrade and Dispose

Your hardware purchases must be purposeful and geared to drive business value now and in the future. Idle hardware resources and those that fail to meet a business need are often the start of budgetary problems.

The deployment phase is equally important and needs an optimized configuration for better performance. You will get the best use from your servers and routers when they are strategically installed in clean and uncluttered environments.

Maintenance involves clear documentation of your hardware assets and performance monitoring and inspection. Know when repairs are better than replacements, or when the latter is more cost-effective than the former.

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In many ways, IT hardware is becoming as agile as software. Your performance-oriented lifecycle management should have a strategy for acquiring new equipment and firmware for efficiency and cost cuttings.

A network server has a lifespan of about three years. Network access points have the same lifespan while storage devices can go up to five years with the right maintenance. Have a procurement plan in place before your equipment breaks down.

Optimize and Modernize Gradually Based on Needs

Some departments, including accounting and R&D, may not survive without the latest printer/scanner and fast internet connection. Prioritize your IT hardware procurement for the best business value.

In the same manner, some departments would benefit the most from infrastructure as service solutions. Modernizing based on needs can help to keep costs low and improve the performance and availability of servers, networking, and storage hardware.

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Seek Help When You Need It

70% of your company’s IT budget goes to maintenance and support. What if that amount was directed at product innovation and customer experience? Streamlining and optimizing the performance of your business starts with the right hardware lifecycle management.

The best thing about this is that when working with Los Angeles IT service experts, lifecycle management is offered as part of a holistic managed IT services that may include security, support, and even cloud migration. Value is guaranteed.

Colocation services, in particular, which is also part of managed IT consulting in Los Angeles, works great for infrastructure that cannot be shifted to the cloud. You move your hardware to a secure and top-performing data center where the providers take care of maintenance and the entire hardware lifecycle management on your behalf.

At DCG Technical Solutions, we provide the best IT consulting services in Los Angeles when it comes to hardware lifecycle management. These include cloud solutions and colocation services. Get your business on a new path of speed and efficiency. Contact us now to get started!