IT Support in Pasadena: BYOD Best Practices for Inter-Office Cybersecurity

IT Support in Pasadena: BYOD Best Practices for Inter-Office Cybersecurity

BYOD and Working from Home: A New Reality

IT support providers in Pasadena proscribe the BYOD option. If you're unfamiliar, this stands for "Bring Your Own Device". BYOD operational infrastructure has much to recommend it, as it not only increased productivity among employees, but also decreases operational overhead.

Getting Secure Solutions Through BYOD

Owing to current state regulations as regard COVID-19, such measures are fundamentally necessary to modern business. But if you're going to do this right, you need to exercise strategic caution and security in developing your BYOD plan. That will include some of the following tactics:

Security Through a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) basically bounces your IP signal so it's more clandestine online. It's like putting on a digital bulletproof vest when the body of your business travels the maelstrom of the web.

Having a VPN, remote employees go through for internet access not only secures your business, it also gives employees the ability to login from wherever they happen to be, provided they've got a decent connection.

Cautious Operations: Avoiding Scams

It's also advisable that you work with an IT support provider in Pasadena to help you avoid being scammed online. Modern scams are very sophisticated. Sometimes they come in the form of a strange email, one that pushes hard for personal information or other access credentials.

New cybercriminal scams develop all the time, and it's not enough to just inform staff of what's most pernicious at any given moment. Within a few months, there will be some new danger nobody knows about.

The Value of Going the MFA Route

MFA stands for "Multi-Factor Authentication". Through MFA, more than one device is used to verify a person's identity. As an example, if you logged into a computer, a text box may pop up inviting you to enter a code which is given to you via smartphone.

The smartphone sends you a message with the code, you enter it into the computer screen, and voila!, you have access. Different kinds of MFA may be more or less applicable to your business; consultation can be best to help you find your balance.

Keeping Necessary Levels of Security Even in a New Business Reality

DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help you determine what sort of MFA best fits your business, keep you safe from known scams as well as those developing, and help you set up a VPN for added security. Going with remote infrastructure has advantages, but it must be managed right. If you need more info on how to secure your business digitally in these challenging times, you can reach out to our IT support team in Pasadena.