IT Support in Pasadena: Solving Call Quality Issues on Internet Phones

IT Support in Pasadena: Solving Call Quality Issues on Internet Phones

IT support providers in Pasadena can help you install telephony systems which utilize the internet, saving you substantial resources over traditional landline options. Here's the thing: sometimes you'll notice call quality issues, and this can be a thorn in the side of businesses looking to retain modernity and reduce operational costs.

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Overcoming Issues with Internet Telephony Systems

Common issues accompany internet telephony, but these can be overcome with a little careful, strategic management. Following, we'll briefly go over several common issues, as well as what the best practices in terms of solutions are.

Voices That Are Choppy

Packet loss is widely acknowledged as the primary culprit behind choppy sounding voice messages over the internet. One of the reasons you'll have packet loss has to do with bandwidth that isn't requisite to the needs of a given business.

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If you've got low bandwidth, you can expect to experience this. There are ways around the issue. Expand bandwidth, or strategically manage it so that you don't overtax what your present budget allows. Consultation through the right tech group can either help you upgrade or achieve proper balance here.

Static Instances

IT support providers in Pasadena can help you determine the cause of static over a VoIP system and stop it. Usually, this happens when signals that are analog are converted to those that are digital. Feedback from phones, power supplies, and other things can result in this outcome. If you've got an Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA), try unplugging it and plugging it back in. Another fix might be switching to IP devices that have no analog needs.

Jitters and Echoes

There are going to be echoes sometimes, and one of the reasons for that is volume on the speaker of the phone coming through the receiver. This can be a problem with USB headsets and VoIP devices, which is one reason cancellation software for VoIP has been developed.

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In terms of jitters, these can happen if packets are received out of order. There's a thing called "jitter buffer", wherein varying packets are stored, they're collected, and they're properly distributed in a more organized way, facilitating more perfect delivery.

Clearing Up Common Internet Phone Issues

Our IT support team in Pasadena can help you reduce operational costs as pertain to telephony systems. We can help you cut static, jitters, echoes, and choppy interactions. This is done through a few operational maneuvers, as well as several direct best practices. To learn more about VoIP call clarity, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions.