The Basics of Windows Privacy Explained by Our IT Support Team in Los Angeles

The Basics of Windows Privacy Explained by Our IT Support Team in Los Angeles

Microsoft has certainly improved the efficiency of business, yet the company can be faulted for collecting an excess of information through its Windows 10 operating system. Though it is possible to alter the amount of information Microsoft mines, the bottom line is the company will record data every single time you use Windows 10. Below, our IT support team in Los Angeles provides a look at the type of information Microsoft collects about Windows users.

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Microsoft’s Privacy Pages

Check out Microsoft’s Privacy pages and you will find the company details exactly what it collects when people use the Windows operating system. Though Microsoft’s attorneys have carefully worded this section of the tech monolith’s website, it is quite clear the company is gathering as much information as possible within the constraints of the law. Microsoft’s brass insists data is collected in order to provide users with the help they need. Data is logged after specific applications are used at a certain frequency. The data is put into a system that helps the company present similar software for future use.

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In short, each action a Windows user performs serves a purpose in the eyes of Microsoft’s watchers. The data collected certainly helps keep users safe and also helps Microsoft enhance its systems, yet some argue the oversight is a bit intrusive. It is particularly interesting to note that all Microsoft devices ranging from gaming consoles to computer systems and beyond collect data. Even the services within such devices including calendars and cameras collect data for Microsoft’s use. If you would like to understand the full extent to which your behavior and information is being watched or observed, our IT support team in Los Angeles can break it all down for you in-person during a consultation.

Microsoft’s Cortana is Watching

The Windows 10 assistant dubbed Cortana is almost always on and collecting data. Cortana records search results and application usage statistics for Microsoft’s data analytics team. This is possible as users of Microsoft Windows and other hardware/services opt into the Terms of Service.

The Terms of Service states Microsoft has the legal right to use data collected in any manner it sees fit. Though Microsoft cannot use such sensitive data for exploitative purposes, the company can certainly analyze application use to gauge how certain applications are used, their frequency of use, etc. In fact, Microsoft has information about credit cards tied to account information, search history, location history, etc.

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