IT Support in Los Angeles: Identifying Actual Costs from Legacy Tech

IT Support in Los Angeles: Identifying Actual Costs from Legacy Tech

IT support providers in Los Angeles often advises their customers to sustain the latest tech solutions. Technology continuously advances. Even though Moore's Law is toward it's end (though surprisingly, it's not dead yet), other forces exponentially drive tech advancement, giving an average shelf-life of three to five years on new computational solutions.

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When Is It Right to Upgrade?

That said, there is legacy tech that can get two and three times that lifespan for certain businesses. For others, tech that's a year old lowers their profitability. All businesses have different balances, here are three considerable factors MSPs advise to determine when it's best to upgrade:

1. A Clear Security Liability Owing to Technological Transition

IT support providers in Los Angeles strongly recommend upgrading software as regularly as possible and updating hardware when you can't get ahead of the latest security software. As technology exponentially transitions, older software gains vulnerabilities where before were none.

If you're not prepared, using old tech leaves you wide open to hackers and other cybercriminals who would steal your information, corrupt it, or otherwise malign operations. Associated costs from security breach can totally destroy your company in terms of collateral costs. If your old tech can't be made secure, it needs to be upgraded.

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2. Time Is Money: Old Tech Eats Time, Reducing Competitive Ability

Legacy technology takes longer to load, to render, to transfer, to scan, and to do basically anything. Newer technology provides nigh-instantaneous solutions that retain their swiftness until the next tech iteration outpaces them. If you're going to retain competitive viability, you need swift computational ability. That said, it will depend on your industry.

3. Customers Don't Have Faith In Technology That's Unnecessarily Old

When your customers see your technology is old--and old beyond necessity--they're going to lose faith in both products and services you provide. Even if you're not proficient in newer tech utility, its presence inspires confidence. Visible tech should be contemporary.

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Cost-Effective Technology Use Requires Appropriate Upgrade

Our IT support team in Los Angeles at DCG Technical Solutions can help you get the most out of your IT software and hardware, maximizing its lifespan in terms of security, time efficiency, and public relations. There's a time to upgrade, and time when it's worthwhile to tread water with older tech based on your specific operational situation. That said, newer is almost always better--getting consultation helps reveal your best choices. To learn more, contact us.