IT Support in Los Angeles: Password Protection Is Very Important

IT Support in Los Angeles: Password Protection Is Very Important

IT support providers in Los Angeles advise that you should carefully manage passwords. This is one of the most common means by which hackers gain entry to your information. A lot of small businesses try to make a password that's memorable, personal to them, and used in multiple areas. This is a bad idea. It leaves you wide open.

How to Safeguard Passwords

There are steps you can take to safeguard them. A few steps you might want to consider include the following:

Assure Passwords Are Properly Complex and Regularly Updated

IT support experts in Los Angeles advise that you should never use simple passwords and that you always update them. How regularly should you update? Well, that does depend on your business; but doing so once a week is not a bad idea.

Be Sure Personal Information Is Not Used in Passwords

Personal information (PI) should never be contained in any password. Don't use maiden names or addresses, don't use birthdays, don't use pet names, don't use anything that is directly related to your personal life. Hacked passwords result in identity theft which utilizes such PI to your detriment and their benefit.

Use Long Passwords, Assure They're Always Unique

IT outsourcing experts in Los Angeles recommend that the passwords you use should be both unique and long. The longer and more unique, the better. Granted, there's a length at which getting it right becomes difficult; however, when passwords are very long, complex, and unique, they're almost impossible to crack.

Reliable Password Management

As IT support experts in Los Angeles advise, you should use long, complex, unique passwords, and avoid incorporating PI into those passwords, and you should be careful to update passwords at intervals. Such tactics should help secure your information. To learn more about password protection and management, get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions.