Tips from IT Support Experts in Los Angeles to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Stalkerware

Tips from IT Support Experts in Los Angeles to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Stalkerware

What Is Stalkerware?

Because of the cybercriminal economy, which rivals the "white hat" economy in terms of its effect, it's become cost-effective for these hackers and brigands to install "stalking" software on varying devices. This is usually a "Trojan" program through a third-party app used to collect information and monitor private data. IT support professionals in Los Angeles advise that you should be aware of this kind of cyber threat.

How Do You Avoid Being Impacted by Stalkerware?

IT outsourcing experts in Los Angeles advise that you should take a few specific steps against stalkerware. Consultation will help you get into the specifics, but regardless of your operation, generally, these steps should help you identify and overcome it:

Monitor Settings Allowing Third-Party App Downloads

IT support experts in Los Angeles advise that you should never download third-party apps. Granted, sometimes your business may have a legitimate need for them. Sometimes, they can be vetted. But as a rule of thumb, refrain from this practice. More often than not, this is the vector by which hackers sneak "Trojan" viruses onto your machine. For stalkerware, this is a primary backdoor into your network.

Watch For Lag, It Can Be Indicative of Malware

When your device is operating slowly, that could mean some sort of Trojan malware is hiding in the background. It may be time to save your key data, initialize the operating system, and start over.

Keep an Eye Out for Creepy Messages

You have to keep an eye out for strange messages. If somebody says something like "I'm watching you", or something similar, it's likely they're doing as much through malware, and the entire idea is intimidation. Contacting a tech company to look at your device or network can determine if you're dealing with malware, stalkerware, or something similar.

Look For Odd Apps on Devices

When applications you don't remember downloading show up on your phone, these can be those used for stalking your movements. Watch for such strange apps and uninstall them from your phone when you notice them. They hide more successfully on traditional computers.

Protection Against Known, New, and Developing Cyber Threats

As IT support experts in Los Angeles advise, you need to watch for odd apps on devices, keep an eye out for creepy random messages, monitor the speed of your device, and disable your device's ability to download third-party apps in the settings. These things should help reduce stalkerware. To learn more, get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions.