IT Support in Los Angeles: Ways to Optimize Your Laptop

IT Support in Los Angeles: Ways to Optimize Your Laptop

A good laptop will cost between $300 and $2k, depending on when you buy and the sort of deals you can get. The thing is, time is money. IT support experts in Los Angeles advise that you should take time to consider what kind of laptop you need.

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Reclaiming Your Time

If your time is worth $50 an hour, and you spend an hour a day waiting for your computer to load or run some unnecessary software, then you're losing $250 a week collaterally. That's $12k a year. There are ways around that, and a few worth considering are below:

Operating System Update

If you're running an old operating system (OS), it will take your computer longer to interface with cutting-edge programs. Also, you'll have more operational vulnerabilities that make your business susceptible to viruses.
That said, the absolutely latest OS might not be something the hardware of your laptop can handle. If you can't afford a new one, you might want to upgrade one or two iterations behind whatever cutting edge OS is defining the market presently, then follow the additional upgrade once the bugs have been worked out of it.

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Uninstall Bloatware, Install Protection Programs

IT support experts in Los Angeles can help you identify what's known as "bloatware". Bloatware is essentially pre-loaded software you're never going to use that takes up the Random Access Memory (RAM) of your laptop, among other features of its functionality. Bloatware slows down operations and may initiate annoying popups.

Getting rid of it is as simple as uninstalling such software; but it can be sneaky, pernicious, and hidden--consultation through a tech group can help you identify particularly annoying offenders.

Once you've got all that bloatware out of your laptop, you'll want to use a little of the vacated space to install protection programs that dispel malware and viruses.

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Power Optimization and Backup Protections

Lowering screen brightness, turning on the battery saver, and not running high-function programs in the background can increase the power of your laptop. Backup protections through external hard-drives and the cloud keep data safe

Faster Laptops Reclaim Your Time, Maximizing Investment

Our IT support team in Los Angeles can help you keep laptop OS software at the latest reliable iteration, reduce existing and collateral bloatware, keep your data protected, optimize power utility, and institute backup protections on which you can rely. There's a lot to learn here; get in contact with us at DCG Technical Solutions to get your questions answered and learn your best moves here.