Monitoring Staff Productivity with the Help of an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles

Monitoring Staff Productivity with the Help of an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles

Monitoring your employees to find out if they're using the internet as a work tool or to goof around can help you gauge and improve productivity. With the help of an IT support provider in Los Angeles, this process can make a difference in your bottom line and company reputation. Here are points to know to ensure your company's internet connectivity is used appropriately.

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First, Be Aware of Monitoring Drawbacks

Before you decide to monitor worker online activity, understand privacy laws. If your employees sign an agreement that all their work-related emails and other internet use are subject to company inspection, you're probably in the clear. But if you allow workers to bring their own devices to work, make sure they partition company work from personal data so that your firm doesn't get accused of invading their privacy.

Monitoring employee emails could lead to further complications if you learn confidential information about their personal data that is not in line with company values. Issues such as political or religious beliefs, health problems, and sexual orientation should not be treated as criteria for termination, which can lead to a discrimination lawsuit.

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Another concern is if workers suspect they are under surveillance, it can hurt workplace morale. When people don't enjoy their work environment, they might focus more on finding another job than being productive.

Reasons for Monitoring

On the other hand, your team must follow rules, especially when using company equipment. If workers download porn or copyrighted content without permission, it can lead to complaints about your enterprise. Since you have a right to know how your equipment is being used, monitoring is an effective solution for evaluating an individual's employment loyalty and productivity. No one should be engaging on social media for personal purposes or playing online games if it violates company policy.

Furthermore, it's important to know you can trust your employees to respect the privacy of coworkers. Allowing employees to steal or misuse confidential information can have serious legal consequences. You also need to make sure your employees aren't committing cyberharassment against team members, partners, or customers.

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An IT support provider in Los Angeles can set up monitoring solutions for your company to track employee behavior online. This process can help prevent a cybersecurity breach, as the support team can send test emails to employees to find out how likely they are to click a mock link that simulates what a hacker might send.


Working with an IT support provider in Los Angeles can help you guard against illegal or other undesirable activities in the workplace. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions to learn more about how to protect your business.