Our IT Consulting Team in Los Angeles Explains How to Prevent Microsoft 365 Data Loss

Our IT Consulting Team in Los Angeles Explains How to Prevent Microsoft 365 Data Loss

Data breaches have the potential to cause extensive Microsoft 365 data loss. Do not simply rely on cloud solutions to safeguard your files. Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is here to help you safeguard your information and keep your operations humming along without a breach or other loss of data.

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Do Not Publicly Share Your Calendar

Microsoft 365 has a calendar sharing feature that empowers you to share data with co-workers. However, it is not in your interest to share such information. Sharing your calendar makes it that much easier for hackers to understand how your business functions, determine who is not in the office, and pinpoint those susceptible to attack.

Policy Alerts Are Your Friend

Creating policy notifications through the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center facilitates data security. As an example, policy tips will appear to caution employees about transmitting confidential information when sending messages to those not listed in the network. Such warnings really do have the potential to mitigate data leaks.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

It is a mistake to use one password for your Microsoft 365 accounts. Multi-factor authentication is necessary to decrease the chances of your account being hijacked. Rely on multi-factor authentication, and hackers will find it difficult to use your account as it will be nearly impossible for them to have both authentication factors. If you have any questions about setting up multi-factor authentication, reach out to our Los Angeles IT support team for assistance.

Access Controls Based on Roles

Access management is a key Microsoft 365 feature that mitigates the transmission of important information through your business’s access management. This way, you can pinpoint the user or several users who access your company’s files, ultimately reducing the chances of a data leak.

Secure All Mobile Devices

Tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices are now used for work purposes. Microsoft 365 empowers you to manage access permissions and security policies. You can even wipe valuable data from mobile devices in a remote manner should they be stolen or lost.

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Use Session Timeouts

Most people forget to log out of Microsoft 365 at one point or another. Furthermore, the average employee forgets to lock their mobile device or computer every now and then. Such slip-ups create an opportunity for data thieves to pilfer information. Use Microsoft 365’s session timeouts, and it will log out the user every 10 minutes, thwarting attempts to hack into the workstation and access valuable data. If you need help establishing such session timeouts, lean on our IT consulting team in Los Angeles for assistance.

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Whether your goal is preventing data loss or getting the most out of your tech investment, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles is here to lend invaluable assistance. Reach out to us today to learn more about our tech services and schedule a consultation.