Our IT Support Team in Pasadena Details How to Prepare for Alterations to Your Company’s IT

Our IT Support Team in Pasadena Details How to Prepare for Alterations to Your Company’s IT

Technology is dynamic, meaning it is constantly changing. Tech changes will cause some growing pains, yet the experience won’t prove nearly as frustrating if you prepare ahead of time. Below, our IT support specialists in Pasadena explain how to prepare for making alterations to IT.

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Start by Documenting Everything

If you are going to make meaningful alterations to your network, you must document everything to the best of your ability. Whether you are going to add workstations, a new network, several new printers or monitoring technology, documentation will prove key. Otherwise, you might not know which employees are responsible for certain configurations, projects, and so on.

The bottom line is if you do not understand what occurred amidst the setup process, you won’t have a gauge of the best ways to address issues that arise in the days and weeks to come or across the years ahead. Fail to document the setup properly, and you might end up doing the same work two times over.

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As an example, it is in your interest to document license information, purchase dates for hardware/software along with their warranty information, the individuals who performed the installation, the date of the installation, and so on. Even the steps taken to install new technology should be detailed in-depth. If any unique configurations or workarounds were used, they must be noted. If you need any assistance with such configurations or other elements of installing new technology, lean on our IT support experts in Pasadena for help.

Recognize Pushback Will Occur

The bottom line is some people will always be resistant to change. Expect pushback after making tech alterations. Even if the old way seemed adequate, making improvements is still worth the effort. Resist the temptation to revert back to the status quo simply because employees push back against the change, and your business will benefit in the long run. If employees insist the change will make their work that much more challenging, proactively address those misconceptions to show the value of the tech changes.

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Encourage your team to embrace change, adjust on the fly and make the most of the company’s tech investment. When in doubt, lean on our IT support team to educate your employees about the value of the new technology and implement it in a seamless manner.

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