An Inside Look at How Our IT Support Team in Pasadena Tackles Your Tech Problems

An Inside Look at How Our IT Support Team in Pasadena Tackles Your Tech Problems

IT challenges are bound to arise in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. It is not a question of whether your organization will be faced with such challenges, but how you will react. Our IT support team in Pasadena is here to tackle IT problems on your behalf in a timely, graceful, and lasting manner.

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The Cloud Assistance Your Organization Needs

If your organization has not yet segued to the cloud, you will likely do so in the near future. Our IT support team in Pasadena will help you facilitate that transition, ultimately ensuring you get as much as possible out of the cloud. Instead of attempting to solve all the cloud problems on your own, lean on our team to guarantee your cloud infrastructure functions exactly as it should.


The internet is becoming more dangerous by the day. If your cybersecurity defense is not up to par or if your infrastructure is vulnerable in any way, it is only a matter of time until your business is compromised. We can help protect your business by implementing optimal firewall configurations, user access management, and two-factor authentication.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

It is imperative your business has the proper data backups in place. If your data is not backed up with regularity or in full, you will prove vulnerable to data loss that might ultimately cost you several clients. Our IT support professionals will help ensure your data is backed up in a timely manner and in full so you can rest easy knowing your data will be safely stored both on and off-site should disaster strike.

Improved Mobility

Nowadays, work is conducted outside of traditional offices. People are working in coffee shops, restaurants, airports and at home. Our team is here to ensure your employees have the protection necessary to work safely and efficiently regardless of their location. Furthermore, we can help you develop standards for a truly safe BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that reduces your overhead investment in computing devices and maintains the proper level of security.

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Help Desk Support

Wouldn’t it be nice to create a ticket when a tech problem arises and receive a prompt response tailored to the specifics of your unique challenge? That is exactly what our hep desk does. This is the expeditious and comprehensive assistance your team needs to work in a truly efficient manner.

DCG Technical Solutions can help you! Reach out to us if you need any sort of IT support assistance for your business in Pasadena. Our team will ensure you maximize the return of your tech investment.