IT Support in Los Angeles: What You Need to Take Into Account for Remote Working

IT Support in Los Angeles: What You Need to Take Into Account for Remote Working

The shift to remote working is presenting a number of hurdles for businesses of every type and size. Do not let these hurdles upend your business. Instead, reach out to IT support professionals in Los Angeles for guidance. Let’s take a quick look at a helpful checklist of items that will benefit your business during the transition to working from home.

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Accessing Data

Employees need access to important data in order to work in an efficient manner. The manner in which data is saved and the location of that saved data is of the utmost importance. Ideally, data will be stored in a secure location and backed up with regularity. From the cloud to a hosted space or an on-site server, it is imperative the space where data is saved is completely safe.

The next step is to ensure your team can access this data as needed. Your team should be able to tap into the data from all locations, guaranteeing they can work from home or elsewhere. Consider whether it is best for your team to access the server through a virtual private network (VPN), Remote Desktop Service (RDS), terminal server, or another means.

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Mind the Subtleties of Communication

Your team needs the proper communication tools to interact with one another in a timely and efficient manner. From email to instant messages, an intranet site, texts, and other platforms, you have a choice to make for communication throughout your organization. Our IT support team in Los Angeles is here to help you choose the optimal means of communication so your team can interact with one another as well as clients without impediment.


Safeguarding your business from cyberattacks is priority number one. However, when your employees are working from home, exposure to digital security threats increases. Even the smallest gap in digital security has the potential to wreak havoc on your data and your company as a whole. If employees use their own devices, it is imperative you verify they are completely clean prior to tapping into the network. If the devices are infected, the virus will inevitably move through the network.

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If you are struggling with the transition to remote working or have any other tech challenges of note, reach out to us at DCG Technical Solutions for assistance. Our IT support team in Los Angeles is ready to help you!