IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Tips to Take Before You Reopen Your Office

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Tips to Take Before You Reopen Your Office

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to dramatically impact the workplace, driving the shift to remote working. However, many businesses are beginning to return to the office. Taking additional precautionary steps while reopening your office is essential for the health and safety of your employees.

Here are a few key steps to take, as advised by IT consulting experts in Los Angeles, before you return to your office:

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1. Focus on Employee Safety

One of the first steps is to maximize safety for each employee during these uncertain times. You may need to change seating arrangements or limit the number of employees in the office. Investing in personal protection equipment (PPE) is another way to provide additional safety and limit the chance of exposure to the virus.

2. Avoid Rushing Back In

Another safety tip is to avoid letting all of your employees return at once. A better option is to have a limited group of employees to return a couple of days per week to allow them to get used to working in an office environment. This also allows you to fine-tune safety measures while also making it much easier to maintain social distancing.

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3. Stay Up to Date with Health Guidelines

Keeping up with the latest health guidelines is essential in staying proactive against COVID-19. Health officials are constantly learning more about the virus each day, as following these detailed guidelines can help limit the spread of the coronavirus.

4. Re-evaluate IT Security

The biggest impact of COVID-19 is the number of employees using their own devices. IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles can evaluate your business' cybersecurity and find ways for your business to improve. Creating a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy and monitoring remote devices is essential in staying one step ahead of cyber threats.

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5. Limit Office Access

Before the lockdown, many companies allowed nearly anyone to come in and out of the office. However, limiting access to the office is essential in keeping your employees safe. Only allowing a specific number of employees and restricting the number of visitors to your office is vital to everyone's safety.

Choosing to reopen your office is an important decision in these uncertain times. DCG Technical Solutions offers IT consulting solutions for businesses in Los Angeles. We can help your Los Angeles company take advantage of the latest IT support solutions during this transition period. Our IT team members are always available to answer any of your questions and offer around the clock support. Reach out to us for more information.