IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Why You Should Shift Away from Legacy AV

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Why You Should Shift Away from Legacy AV

Countless business owners, managers, and employees are unaware of the fact that there is a superior alternative to legacy antivirus (AV). Industry experts consider legacy AV to be borderline obsolete. Next-generation AV is supplanting traditional AV with the identification of harmful activity through a technical approach that is system-centered, analyzing processes on an endpoint. This approach ensures next-generation AV can identify and thwart hackers’ malicious tactics, ultimately preventing entry.

Next-generation AV is quite the contrast with traditional AV that is centered on identifying malware at the endpoint. Below, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles takes a closer look at the merits of next-generation AV.

Next-Generation AV Is a Comprehensive Approach

Next-generation AV really does address that much more expansive of a threat scenario range including ransomware attacks as well as attacks that are fileless. This approach considers the entire overarching context as opposed to merely a single isolated incident, ultimately deterring complex and unknown digital attacks. Such information empowers NGAV to comprehend the true causes of digital attacks and prevent subsequent attacks.

Next-generation AV is also highlighted by cloud access and rapid deployment, providing detection at the endpoint, superior response capabilities and that many more preventative measures. In plenty of situations, next-generation AV can fully replace complete endpoint protection products.

Zeroing In on Behavior as Opposed to Identity

The goal is to prevent digital attacks that have the potential to be avoided in a truly timely manner. Analyzing processes that execute at the endpoint provides an opportunity to deal with issues that cannot be handled pre-execution. This approach is prudent in spite of the fact that there are numerous types of malware, simply because most variants act in a similar manner.

Moving Away from Legacy AV Also Saves Time

Time is a key component of security. Dwell time, meaning the amount of time from penetration to detection and mitigation is typically about three months. In the meantime, security experts will waste time gathering evidence showing that a digital breach has occurred. As is often said, time is money, especially when it comes to safeguarding systems against digital threats.

Next-Generation AV Reduces Costs

It is still possible for breaches to occur. However, they can be prevented if you work with IT consulting experts in Los Angeles that offer next-generation AV. The ease of use of this management console provides an opportunity to rapidly identify vulnerabilities and pinpoint the culprits. The quicker you can get things right, the less of a financial hit will result from the attack.

DCG Technical Solutions Is At Your Service

Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help you make the move away from legacy AV and solve other technical challenges in an efficient and affordable manner. Feel free to reach out to our Los Angeles managed IT service professionals to schedule an initial consultation.