IT Support in Los Angeles: Why Your Business Should Apply the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

IT Support in Los Angeles: Why Your Business Should Apply the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

IT support professionals in Los Angeles will advise you that businesses should follow cybersecurity best practices to stay safe from cyber threats. This is where the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) comes in. To emphasize the need for better data protection, NIST offers guidelines on the best cybersecurity measures to take to protect all businesses depending on your services.

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Importance of NIST Compliance

IT support experts in Los Angeles recommend that your business adheres to the NIST standards. These regulations aim at controlling unclassified information (CUI) or any highly-sensitive data. The reason for complying with this directive is to enhance data protection.

Consequences of Not Complying with NIST

For your information, data breaches can cause more harm than good. They can negatively impact your company's productivity as well as reputation. The consequences can also amount to a loss of business, not to mention endless and tedious lawsuits. All these consequences can jeopardize your business, keep away current and future clients, or make you lose a lot of revenue. This calls for the need to comply with guidelines set up by NIST.

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Advantage of Aligning with NIST Regulations

Complying with all regulations set by NIST can give you a competitive advantage over your potential competitors. It will increase your clients’ trust in your business, knowing that their data is in safe hands. Happy clients drive a healthy referral pipeline, making your company expand and generate more revenue. All these advantages will come your way only if your company takes cybersecurity standards seriously.

How to Comply with NIST

You can make your company NIST compliant by following a few simple steps. The most crucial one is applying a relevant cybersecurity framework. The NIST cybersecurity framework is tailored towards providing basic knowledge while keeping data safe from cybercriminals. The framework takes you through a five-step process to make your security standards top-notch.

This process includes:

  1. Data and system identification
  2. Implementation of cybersecurity measures
  3. Detection of a cybersecurity breach in real-time
  4. Creation of cybersecurity response plan
  5. Data recovery

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All the above-mentioned steps are designed to gauge all levels of security when it comes to the protection of data. You can combine them with compliant file sharing solutions to ensure that your business benefits from built-in security measures aligned with all NIST policies.

Final Thought

The importance of cybersecurity can't be overstated. Following the NIST cybersecurity guidelines is implementing a solid security strategy for your business. For more information on how you can apply the NIST cybersecurity framework and learn about our IT services in Los Angeles, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions. Our IT support experts in Los Angeles are ready to assist you.