IT Support in Pasadena: Ways to Stop Spam

IT Support in Pasadena: Ways to Stop Spam

IT support providers in Pasadena have been helping businesses conserve operational expenses by deferring collateral losses from spam emails and texts. There are a number of different ways to do this, but one thing is sure: if you do nothing, you'll keep getting spam calls or messages, and you'll keep wasting money on employees who aren't able to exercise the best use of their time.

Tips to Stop Spam from Taking Up Company Time on Smartphones

IT consulting professionals in Pasadena advise that you should adopt a few different strategies in avoiding spam calls or texts. These include:

Don't Be Shy About Blocking Numbers You Know to Be Suspect

IT support experts in Pasadena strongly advise you to adopt a company-wide policy of blocking spurious numbers. Sometimes you've got company smartphones, sometimes you've got a communications network on a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system. Whatever the case, get infrastructure in place to catch and block spurious numbers.

There's a National "Do Not Call" Registry: Get Business Numbers On It

The "Do Not Call" registry doesn't work immediately, but it will. You can find this registry at the Federal Trade Commission's website available through the hyperlink, and it's wise to get relevant numbers listed there.

Don't Click Spurious Links, Send "STOP" Notifications When Appropriate

You should train your employees to avoid spurious links, surveys, and other online avenues through which phone numbers are captured by scammers. When you can text "STOP" to end spam messages, do so. Keep them from impacting you through direct action and proper employee training.

Facilitating Better Communications

Our IT support team in Pasadena can help you block numbers that are a danger through swifter identification, we can help you get on a "do not call" registry, and help you educate staff for the avoidance of such operational impediments. To learn more, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions.