IT Support in Pasadena: How to Choose the Right WiFi Router

IT Support in Pasadena: How to Choose the Right WiFi Router

IT support providers in Pasadena often provide WiFi router solutions for a variety of diverse businesses. Some have open floor plans, some don't. Some only have a few employees, some have many. Your business's router needs will differ from another's.

Considerations in Router Choice

A professional IT consultant in Pasadena can help examine your business, compare it to available router options, and help you employ those which are most appropriate to your needs. A few things you should consider include the following:

The MIMO Angle

IT support professionals in Pasadena recommend Multiple Input / Multiple Output (MIMO) for businesses that have a lot of people who will be signing on. The way antennae are positioned will help connectivity. The bigger your business, the more appropriate MIMO routers ultimately are.

QoS Considerations

Quality of Service, or QoS, is important for router effectiveness. QoS can be managed through bandwidth and traffic management. Some people should be able to use more bandwidth than others. Some shouldn't. The best QoS for your router will involve features which you can tweak to specifically match business needs; consultation through the right MSP will help you do that.

Do You Need Beamforming?

With the help of an IT consultant in Pasadena, you can determine if your business is in a location where beamforming is necessary. Essentially, thick walls will make it harder for a WiFi signal to make it through. Beamforming is the way tech people have found to get around such situations. Consultants can examine your business to determine if this is necessary.

Making the Best Choice

Our IT support team in Pasadena can help you determine if you should go the MIMO route, assure you've got the best associated QoS for your router as well as the operation you're running, and determine if you should think about beamforming routers. To learn more about routers and which best fit your particular needs, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions.