IT Support in Los Angeles: The Importance of DNS Protection

IT Support in Los Angeles: The Importance of DNS Protection

Most people have heard of DNS protection in passing, yet few know what it really means and why it is so important. In short, DNS protection is a protective layer between employees and the web through a blacklisting of potentially threatening sites that filters out harmful content. The use of secure DNS servers mitigates risk and reduces the chances of a nasty attack. Below, our IT support team in Los Angeles provides a closer look at DNS protection.

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The Basics of DNS

DNS is an acronym short for "domain name system". DNS converts domains readable by humans into IP addresses for connections. The purpose is to rely on domain names that are memorable rather than having to remember a sequence of numbers. DNS is essentially an intermediary layer between the internet and people, yet it can also be manipulated for enhanced safety.

Recognize the Importance of DNS Protection

The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a directive stating businesses in the United States should be proactive in the battle against DNS hijacking. The directive states both Cisco and FireEye had evidence of DNS attacks. DNS protection is necessary to safeguard networks at home and also those on the commercial side. Secure DNS solutions filter content and add it to block certain sites. This is possible directly through the DNS as opposed to software.

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DNS protection also helps block phishing and malware attacks, blocking sites that might be dangerous or have harmful content such as a virus. DNS protection also guards against botnets that are proving quite harmful as IoT continues to expand. This protection proactively cuts off communication with botnet servers. In fact, DNS protection even blocks advertisements that might try to collect data from employees and advertisements that have harmful applications within them.

Implementing DNS Level Protection

DNS level protection is available both as paid and free versions. Your unique needs determine which is ideal for your business. Our IT support team in Los Angeles is here to help you implement this essential form of protection. The bottom line is if employees will use their own devices for work, you will need the help of IT services experts in Los Angeles to implement a secured DNS server. This server will protect the employees’ personal devices as well as desktop devices.

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Our IT support team in Los Angeles will help you get the most out of DNS protection and other tech solutions. Get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions to find out more about our tech services and schedule an initial consultation.