Office 365 Authentication Considerations Identified by Our IT Support Team in Pasadena

Office 365 Authentication Considerations Identified by Our IT Support Team in Pasadena

Microsoft recently announced support for Basic Authentication will come to an end. Examples of services blocked in relation to risk assessment include Remote PowerShell, EWS, POP, ActiveSync, and IMAP.

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Businesses that have not addressed such security challenges should shift Office 365 protocols toward Modern Authentication, ultimately enabling ADAL sign-in for Office applications as well as support features including multi-factor authentication. ADAL is an acronym short for "Active Directory Authentication". Below, our IT support team in Pasadena delves deeper into authentication factors for Office 365.

A Closer Look at Authentication Considerations

There are several versions of Outlook that support ADAL. Outlook ’16 has modern authentication support. This version does not require EnableADAL reg key. Outlook ’13 supports modern authentication and also requires EnableADAL reg key. Outlook ’10 does not provide modern authentication support. Businesses using Outlook ’10 will find the shifting of timelines to be painful simply because upgrades and patches are not available to provide compatibility with Modern Authentication. Outlook ’10 users as well as Mac legacy clients are dependent on Exchange Web Services, meaning they require updating.

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It is also interesting to point out that in instances created prior to August ’17, Modern Authentication is off for Skype for Business Online as well as Exchange Online. If your business has either, it should be enabled prior to moving the account. If you are confused by this technical jargon, don’t fret. Our IT support team in Pasadena is here to lend a helping hand. Let us provide assistance with authentication, enhance your security, and ensure your company continues to operate like a well-oiled machine.

Security is the Overarching Concern

Microsoft is taking the action detailed above with security squarely in mind. If your business has not fully adjusted to the end of support for Basic Authentication, our IT support team is here to lend assistance. Inventory along with the potential licensing of Azure AD to gauge your company’s position might be necessary. However, each company’s situation is unique. Let our team lend assistance during the transition and you will be able to square your focus on your strengths.

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