How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Improves Supply Chain Cybersecurity

How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Improves Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Every business that produces products must now prioritize cybersecurity just because half of all big manufacturers have been hacked in recent years. The solution for building data protection includes outsourcing to IT consulting experts in Los Angeles. Here are reasons why an experienced IT consultant can help your business and partners throughout your supply chain.

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Risks of Digitization and Interactivity

Manufacturers are in the midst of a digital transformation ushering in the IoT era of big data collection and real-time data analysis. A seasoned IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help deploy nextgen technology to improve connectivity, data transmission, and data protection.

Some of the key vulnerabilities that manufacturers must guard against include hardware or software infected with malware, along with vulnerabilities associated with endpoint security and counterfeit technologies.

The more digital and interactive a business infrastructure is, the more opportunities cybercriminals have a chance to sneak in. If you can imagine a castle within a castle made of stone walls to block intruders, that's what you need as "multilayered security" to reduce odds of a breach. You can no longer rely on a single security layer such as antivirus software or passwords. Other layers include firewalls, encryption, and multifactor authentication.

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Safety in the Supply Chain

Not only can working with Los Angeles IT service providers protect your business from hackers, it can also contribute to a safer supply chain. IT experts can help set cybersecurity policies for your network and how it interacts with other networks in the supply chain. A superior IT firm can influence multiple suppliers to adopt safer and more efficient technology to improve profit margins.

An important insight for all businesses within a supply chain to accept is that cybersecurity involves people, processes, and knowledge as well as technology. It's important for suppliers to share IT insights to improve supply chain cybersecurity. That means each link in the chain should prioritize strict IT policies, such as multifactor logins and blacklisting that blocks employees from using certain websites and applications.

Offering cybersecurity training for staff members is one of the most important roles an IT firm can play these days, since many breaches are due to employee error. Malware is often unleashed because an employee is tricked by a hacker to click a deceptive link. An IT consulting firm can help identify various schemes cybercriminals use to breach business networks so they can steal valuable financial information.

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Outsourcing to a knowledgeable IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help protect data in your company and supply chain. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how to make your network as safe as possible.