IT Support in Los Angeles: Cybersecurity Lessons from SolarWinds Attack

IT Support in Los Angeles: Cybersecurity Lessons from SolarWinds Attack

The reason it's a smart idea to consider outsourcing to IT support experts in Los Angeles is that it can save your business the trouble from keeping up with every system vulnerability or attack. Letting technical experts handle your cybersecurity needs will allow you to focus more on your actual business instead of the technology that facilitates it.

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Why the SolarWinds Attack Matters

The business world felt the shockwaves of a large security breach impacting software developer SolarWinds in December 2020. News stories suggested the hack was executed by a "highly sophisticated state-sponsored attacker" associated with Russia. The attacker used new techniques that SolarWinds wasn't prepared for, allowing the theft of confidential company customer data.

The attack penetrated SolarWinds' network and unleashed malicious code within its software product called Orion. According to analysis conducted by Microsoft, the attacker gained elevated credentials within the network and installed software on the server that launched more attacks. The breach confirmed once again that a company of any size faces risks of cybersecurity breaches.

SolarWinds announced in a regulatory filing its Microsoft Office 365 email and office productivity tools had been compromised. The company further stated 18,000 of its 300,000 customers were affected by the breach.

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Learning from the SolarWinds Attack

A major lesson from this attack for IT support teams in Los Angeles is that businesses must constantly guard against various new forms of cyberattacks. Hackers are constantly learning new methods to breach business networks. Even the best IT services company in Los Angeles must stay updated on these specific breaches to learn from them.

The SolarWinds attack is a reminder that hackers can sometimes infiltrate big firms, but they still mainly target smaller businesses. Large businesses tend to be better prepared for attacks due to high-quality IT personnel. Hackers know that small businesses are more vulnerable because they don't invest in cybersecurity as much, including employee training.

An enterprise needs either an in-house or outsourced IT solution in which experts ensure the following safety measures:

  • Upgrade software when it becomes available
  • Back up and test data regularly
  • Gather data quickly to identify vulnerabilities and malicious intrusions
  • Reevaluate your multilayered cybersecurity to strengthen security layers
  • Use AI software to monitor the supply chain for vulnerabilities

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Every business must prioritize cybersecurity and for many Southern California businesses, partnering with an IT support company in Los Angeles is a reliable solution for strong data protection. DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help businesses avoid security breaches like the SolarWinds attack by implementing a multi-layered cybersecurity approach. Contact us now to ensure robust security for your digital assets.