IT Support in Los Angeles: Microsoft Outlook’s Built-In Features Many Are Unaware Of

IT Support in Los Angeles: Microsoft Outlook’s Built-In Features Many Are Unaware Of

IT support professionals in Los Angeles commonly assist businesses in not only finding new software, but figuring out the built-in features defining it. Legacy and popular software have conventions a good tech company helps you and employees master.

A Few Features to Consider

Microsoft Outlook has a number of key features many businesses fail to utilize. IT outsourcing in Los Angeles can help you get a handle on obscure options, but a few common ones you can easily master, and which many businesses plain miss, include:

The "Focused Inbox"

Sender, subject, and message design can be used to stratify your emails using Outlook's "Focused Inbox" option. IT support experts in Los Angeles advise taking full advantage of this owing to both time and space saved through more efficient email management overall.

Options Indicating If You Are Open to Interaction

With Outlook, you can toggle the "do not disturb" option so that, even if you're online, people see you're working. That helps them keep from distracting you from what you're trying to get done. There are a number of status options you can toggle pertaining to how busy you are.

Email "Mentions" Make It a Lot Easier to Add Coworkers to Messages

IT professionals can help you master the "mentions" feature, which makes it a lot more convenient to include relevant workers on emails. Instead of the CC feature, you just type in @Jim, or @Steven, or whoever you're trying to include. It's basically a way of shortcutting the Carbon Copy option.

Streamlining Microsoft Outlook Efficiency Through More Features

Take advantage of Microsoft Outlook's master "Focused Inbox", do not disturb or other status options, email "mentions", and much more. Get in touch with us at DCG Technical solutions if you have any tech-related concerns. Our IT support team in Los Angeles is always available to help you!