IT Support in Los Angeles: Mobile Data Management Best Practices

IT Support in Los Angeles: Mobile Data Management Best Practices

Keeping Secure Despite Expanding Decentralization

IT support providers in Los Angeles advise businesses to take care to be especially proactive as regards mobile device security in an age where operational decentralization is virtually predicated by economic and political realities. Since 2020, owing to varying lockdown conventions, most businesses with heavy technology have decentralized. This means data must be managed in a mobile capacity, and that opens it up to manipulation.

General Mobile Data Management Tactics to Consider

Managed IT services providers in Los Angeles can help your business avoid being impacted by lost, stolen, corrupted, or "ransomed" data. The most efficient ways to do this will differ per company, but generally, you'll center data protection around the following three sorts of precautions:

1. Strong, Vetted, Reliable Backup Policies

IT support experts in Los Angeles advise three full backups be located in three different locations. If you're still "on-site", it's okay to put two backup locations there. Just be sure you've got a third located elsewhere. Also, it's wise for network data to be backed up as continuously as feasible.

2. Company-Specific Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management is hand-in-glove with mobile data management. What's wise is monitoring, support, access, upgrade, and expulsion protocols be put into place to treat any device that isn't on-site as vulnerable, and accordingly manage it.

3. Restrictions, Limitations, and Audits of Security

Restrict those who don't need access to company-specific data. Limitations should exist for all but the select few who need total access; otherwise, compartmentalize access as necessary to restrict incidental data compromise. Such security measures should be evaluated at intervals to assure they're still effective.

Keeping Data Safe Even If It's Mobile

For comprehensive and reliable mobile security, IT support professionals in Los Angeles advise the right sort of backup policies for your business, MDM protocols, restrictions or other limitations on access, and regular security audits. Different applications of these tactics may be more or less appropriate for your specific business. To learn more, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions.