IT Support Professionals in Pasadena Strongly Advise Not to Use Public Charging Kiosks

IT Support Professionals in Pasadena Strongly Advise Not to Use Public Charging Kiosks

IT support providers in Pasadena regularly have to help customers overcome issues which develop from the use of public charging kiosks. This is a pretty big danger. Hackers key-in on such locations as a means of planting traps for potential users.

What Happens

Primarily, they use one method we'll explore here--but there are others as well:

"Juice Jacking": Stealing or Injecting Data Through Power Cables

One of the most likely means by which hackers will steal from your device is known as Juice Jacking. Essentially, the charging cables are coupled with malware that can either steal your data through the charging cord or inject viruses. IT support experts in Pasadena strongly advise against public kiosks for this alone.

Corrupted Hardware May Damage Devices

If you're using public hardware, there's a chance it's been damaged in a way that can even affect how energy is transmitted to your device. This may not be the result of deliberate hacking; it could have to do with the way in which kiosks are used over time.

Systems of order fall into chaos, and the most efficient system breaks down eventually. Sometimes a surge rooted in hardware decline may fry your phone at a public kiosk. It's a rarity, but not impossible.

Theft of Devices from Other Users

IT consulting experts in Pasadena advise to avoid kiosks for simple theft. If you're at a charging kiosk, to avoid theft you've got to sit there with your device. You may go to the bathroom and leave it there, only to find it gone. Also, if many people are there, someone may incidentally confuse your phone for theirs and take it.

Establishing Better Conventions of Use to Avoid Charge Kiosk Risks

IT support professionals in Pasadena strongly recommend charging devices at home and keeping them charged to avoid theft, the impacts of hardware corruption, and either data loss or malware injection through juice jacking. For more information on hidden dangers of modern tech and how to avoid them, feel free to contact us at DCG Technical Solutions.