Protect Your Business from Open-Port Attacks with IT Support in Pasadena

Protect Your Business from Open-Port Attacks with IT Support in Pasadena

Technology advances exponentially. Society catches up. As a result, businesses that aren't keeping pace with tech advances have vulnerabilities they aren't often aware of. The Internet of Things (IoT) increases operational convenience, but it also increases vulnerable entry points for cybercriminals; so there's a tradeoff. IT support experts in Pasadena advise that businesses should be aware of the low-traffic ports used by cybercriminals. With that in mind, consider the following:

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Traditional Firewalls of the Proxy Variety Focus on Traffic

Proxy firewalls tend to focus on high-traffic portals, not those which don't see a lot of "play", as the saying goes. Accordingly, they are next to useless if cybercriminals use such portals as an avenue into your network. What makes sense is working with IT support professionals in Pasadena to give you the latest and most effective firewall against threats that specify low-traffic avenues of entry.

Monitoring and Management Helps Detect Intrustion

IT support experts can also safeguard your network through monitoring and management protocols. Intrusion can be detected, isolated, and either counteracted or approved based on the situation. The cost of interior monitoring tends to be higher than that from an outsourced tech provider. Certainly, this differs per operation, but exterior monitoring does seem to be the best option.

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Compartmentalization Can Preserve Networks

Compartmentalization will cordon off secure areas of operation. Essentially, through compartmentalized operation, if your network is compromised from an external cybercriminal or even an internal one, they won't impact the total surface area of your technological infrastructure.

That said, certain compartmentalization options can reduce operational fluidity. Different businesses have different needs, consultation through known IT providers can help you determine which steps will be the best. That said, things like compartmentalization are known to be effective.

Also, you might look into other methods of safeguarding operations against intruders. Email sandboxing can keep malware from sneaking in incidentally via an email server. So, get a little consultation to determine your best moves.

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More Effective Security Against Developing Threats

Our IT support team in Pasadena can help you compartmentalize your data networks, monitor operations to assure no anomalous activity indicating hackers is taking place, and facilitate more efficient use of firewalls to match modern needs. To learn more about modern threats and maximize operational security, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions.