Capitalize on Microsoft 365 Security Features with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Capitalize on Microsoft 365 Security Features with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

IT consulting in Los Angeles represents one of the most efficient avenues toward more effective security through existing software and hardware. Businesses tend to normalize software use which centers on a specific application. As a result, the total potential of even the most common software often goes unrealized. One area this commonly happens is as regards Microsoft 365 security features.

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Considerable Microsoft 365 Security Options That Often Go Unused

One of the things today's Los Angeles IT support professionals focus on as regards security is helping businesses large and small find software features of existing infrastructure that can be levered toward outcomes like security--that saves money over onboarding totally new security options. Notable features that commonly go unused with Microsoft 365 include:

MDM Facilitates Remote Security Solutions

Did you realize Microsoft 365 already provides MDM options? They're built in.

It only makes sense; operational decentralization has been percolating at the fringes of corporate tech needs for over a decade.

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IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles can help you simplify application of Microsoft 365 MDM options and apply them effectively across the mobile device surface area of your operation.

Layered Security Offsets Threats, Data Leaks, and Data Access Issues

Microsoft 365 has layered security. That includes threat detection and response, protection of data designed to keep it from leaking to unauthorized parties, and better data control access. When security assures diverse areas of operations have coverage, that reduces vulnerabilities black hat hackers exploit.

ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) Against Malicious Black Hat Software

You have to capitalize on Advanced Threat Protection from Microsoft 365. Specifically, ATP rebuffs black hat software designed for the purposes of stealing data or resources.

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Malware can be identified and responded to before it does something that impacts operations, like locking you out of key files except for a ransom. Ransomware is a big deal, but it's not the only problem out there. Spyware, Trojans, DDoS attacks through third-party apps--all are continuously being developed by black hat software engineers. Microsoft 365 ATP remains updated for your protection.

Getting More from Core Software

An IT consulting firm in Los Angeles like DCG Technical Solutions helps you more fully take advantage of ATP, layered security, and MDM protocols already available through Microsoft 365. To learn more about how you might best capitalize from existing features of software you already have, don't hesitate to contact us.