IT Support in Los Angeles, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Your Business

IT Support in Los Angeles, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Your Business

What Is Multi-Factor Authentication?

IT support providers in Los Angeles provide the latest in security measures for customers, and it makes sense. Doing so positions them as a cutting-edge tech authority and helps keep customers from being impacted by the latest hacks. To that end, MFA, or Multi-Factor Authentication, is key.

Essentially, MFA uses more than one source to validate the identity of a user. So maybe you login, and you get a text message with a code. The computer screen changes, you enter in the code, and voila, you have access.

Common MFA Tactics

IT consultants in Los Angeles advise different sorts of MFA for different businesses. Commonly, one of the following tends to define a given MFA solution:

  • An email or text message
  • Monitoring options for devices--RMM integration

An Email or Text Message

Working with IT support professionals in Los Angeles can help you determine if the email approach makes sense. Essentially, this is the tactic outlined in the opening of this writing. You go online, enter in some access credentials like a username or password, then you either get an email, a phone call, or a text message with a code that is used to gain access. Banks use this method quite a bit, and it's easy to "onboard".

Monitoring Options for Devices--RMM Integration

Remote Monitoring and Management can be an MFA option, though it's a bit more extreme. Still, this form of MFA can have the direct presiding of the customer as a means of more effectively vindicating associated personnel.

You can hire people to monitor access and assure those seeking it are approved. This is a big move, though. It's something like using fingerprint or iris scanning technology. It's a less common form of MFA, but falls under this term's umbrella.

Exploring MFA Alternatives

DCG Technical Solutions can help you establish MFA protocols, including traditional solutions, and RMM integration. An MFA security solution that is supported by collateral security measures like these provides ample tech security. To learn more about MFA security solutions and other collateral means of protecting your data, reach out to our IT support team in Los Angeles.