IT Support in Pasadena: What You Need to Know About CCPA Regulations

IT Support in Pasadena: What You Need to Know About CCPA Regulations

Understanding the Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is essential for businesses in California. The Department of Justice recently made some changes that you need to be mindful of to ensure you avoid violations. Discuss these changes with your IT support provider in Pasadena to ensure you remain in compliance.

California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018

The CCPA gave consumers more control of their personal information that companies often collect. This law provides additional privacy rights for California residents, such as the right to know about personal information a business collects and how it's being used and shared. They also have the right to delete any personal information collected from them with a few exceptions. The right to opt-out of the sale of their data and the right to non-discrimination due to exercising their CCPA rights is also included in the law.

What is Considered Personal Information or Data?

Personal information is any data that identifies or could be linked with a household or business owner. All of this data can be wide-ranging, such as an email address, internet browsing history, fingerprints, social security number, name, or geolocation data.

CCPA - The Right to Know

The right to know section of the CCPA details that a consumer can request companies to disclose personal information that's been collected, sold, used, or shared about the owner. The consumer also has the right to know why the data was collected, sold, used, or shared.

CCPA - The Right to Delete

The CCPA law makes it easy for a consumer to send a right to delete request. A California resident can request that businesses delete their personal information they've collected over time and also ask their service providers to delete this information as well. Reaching out to an IT support provider in Pasadena is always a good idea if you have any questions or concerns.

CCPA - The Right to Opt-Out

Consumers can request that businesses stop selling their personal data (opt-out). Once receiving an opt-out request, companies can no longer sell your data unless you provide authorization to do so again, with only a few exceptions.

CCPA - The Right to Non-Discrimination

Companies cannot deny any goods or services, charge a separate price, provide a different quality of service due to a consumer using their rights under the CCPA.

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