Not All Data Redundancy Is Bad, Having IT Support in Pasadena Can Help You Find Your Balance

Not All Data Redundancy Is Bad, Having IT Support in Pasadena Can Help You Find Your Balance

What Is Data Redundancy?

Through IT support in Pasadena, being rid of unnecessary data redundancy is easy. But sometimes redundancy is good. If you're unfamiliar, data redundancy is just what it sounds like: redundant information. Copied files (or aliases) are often redundant. However, this isn't always the case.

Backup Redundancy Best Practices

When you redundantly copy your network to multiple backup locations, you're secure even when diverse disasters impact data centers physically. IT consulting experts in Pasadena advise the following best practices in backup using positive data redundancy protocols:

Use At Least Three Separate Backups

IT support professionals in Pasadena will first advise, in terms of positive redundancy, that you establish at least three locations where full "image" backups of your total network are regularly updated. Continuous update of all three is recommendable, though not always feasible.

Assure Two Backups Are on Different Sorts Of Media

Two backups should be on different types of media. Sometimes hackers target hardware weaknesses, like the 2017 WannaCry attack that used SMB ports to access networks. Accordingly, you want backups on different sorts of media. On-site hard-drives, cloud computing, and servers represent the common three used today.

Find A Way Of Locating One Of The Three Backups Off-Site

You should keep at least one backup located somewhere off-site in case a physical emergency destroys the physical hardware containing your backups. Cloud computing is a good avenue of approach here. Consultation lets you know what's out there.

Establishing Positive Data Redundancy

Our IT support team in Pasadena can help you establish positive redundancy in terms of backup. Using more than one backup, storing necessary information on diverse media, and being sure to keep at least one tier of backup located somewhere that isn't your central location represents a wise strategy for data protection. To learn more about backup redundancy, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions.