Understand and Fully Utilize the Cloud with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Understand and Fully Utilize the Cloud with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Different Cloud Solutions for Different Practical Uses

IT consulting can be fundamental in helping you determine which cloud options will fit which aspects of your business in Los Angeles. Without a little guidance, it's easy to acquire something that, while useful, may not exactly fit your needs.

Three Common Areas of Cloud Utility

Managed services (MSPs) in Los Angeles commonly provide solutions through the cloud that tend to fall under three primary categories:

1. IaaS

IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles often advise Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to businesses that are looking to maximize budgets. Virtualization of servers is one example of IaaS. Essentially, instead of securing the hardware on-site for your productive needs, IaaS allows you to enjoy the same advantages at a fraction of the cost.

Instead of buying, shipping, storing, maintaining, and upgrading services--commonly through a dedicated and expensive employee--you simply pay a monthly subscription fee and get essentially the same sort of utility.

2. SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is basically software that has already been developed and is available over the cloud. Many writing platforms utilize such solutions. For example, if you're developing content to be distributed in a marketing capacity, using SaaS makes software to produce and qualitatively manage such software available at a low and predictable cost.

There are varying software solutions available through the cloud, and they come with the benefit of professional management behind them. Also, the total cost of similar software solutions in a non-cloud capacity is often more expensive.

3. PaaS

IT consulting experts can help you explore varying Platform as a Service (PaaS) options. Whereas SaaS is already developed in terms of software design and efficacy, PaaS will allow you to design your own software to specifically fit operational needs. For proprietary development, PaaS saves a lot of time and money for many businesses.

Determining Which Cloud Services Are Best for Your Business

DCG Technical Solutions can help you understand what IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS are; as well as how best to utilize them. To learn more about cloud solutions and how best they may be used in congruity with your business needs, reach out to our IT consulting team in Los Angeles.