Ways an IT Support Provider in Pasadena Can Keep Your Business Safe Against Shadow IT

Ways an IT Support Provider in Pasadena Can Keep Your Business Safe Against Shadow IT

Shadow IT is a major problem in the workplace, but many businesses are unaware of these threats. An IT support provider in Pasadena can play a key role in giving your businesses additional security to ensure all of your technology is monitored on your network. Following best practices can also play an important role in making sure that all of your devices are accounted for and no one is accessing your network without your knowledge.

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Here are a few ways an IT support provider in Pasadena can keep your company safe against shadow IT threats:

Create an Inventory List

The first step in protecting your business against shadow IT is to create a comprehensive inventory list for your entire organization. This inventory list needs to include all of the devices your employees use at work. An IT provider can also investigate any potential security concerns if they notice a device accessing your network that's not on the inventory list.

Enable Access Control

Another way an IT support provider can limit access to your network is to create access control options for each employee. Implementing access control will ensure only certain employees can use your network while preventing outside intrusions. Access control is especially effective at keeping your network safe from outsiders that can cause harm to your business.

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Educate Staff Members

Educating employees can play a key role in staying proactive against IT security threats. Discussing the dangers of shadow IT with employees is essential to cybersecurity. Highlighting these potential problems will allow employees to understand the importance of only using approved devices in the workplace. Reaching out to the IT department is also important if they plan on using a new device for work-related purposes.

Prevent Data Breaches

A data breach can ruin your reputation and lead to significant fines. One way to limit the chance of a data breach is to focus on eliminating shadow IT in the workplace. Ensuring each device is accounted for is essential to avoid cybercriminals accessing your network and causing widespread damage. An IT service provider will help monitor your network at all times to reduce the chance of suffering a data breach.

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At DCG Technical Solutions, we can give your business the best cybersecurity protection while also being available to offer around-the-clock support. We have many years of experience in the IT industry, as providing state-of-the-art technology to keep businesses safe is always our priority. Feel free to reach out to our IT support team in Pasadena to learn more about how we can keep your business protected with our cybersecurity services.