Do Apple Computers Have Better Security? IT Support Experts in Los Angeles Answer

Do Apple Computers Have Better Security? IT Support Experts in Los Angeles Answer

Apple’s brass has insisted its computers are more secure than regular PCs, Android phones, and other tech devices. However, Apple computers are not invulnerable. Below, our IT support professionals in Los Angeles take a look at the relative strengths and weaknesses of Apple computers and regular PCs.

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Apple Weaknesses

Though Apple products are fairly secure, they are not impenetrable. As an example, the company’s iCloud takes possession of user data when customers shift it to the secure cloud. However, Apple also controls additional data when such a transfer is made. Sadly, hackers, law enforcement, and other entities have the potential to access this data.

The problem is made even worse by the fact that the digital defenses the computing giant relies upon are not as effective as most assume. Those who have studied Apple’s digital defenses are aware that a tool has been around for several years that empowers digital thieves to overcome integrated protections to identify user passcodes.

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Are Android Phones Safer?

Though Apple phones and computers have inherent insecurities as identified above, there are also digital security challenges with Android devices. Android devices don’t safeguard local data as well as most assume. While Apple has encryption provided through Complete Protection, Android does not have an equivalent. This is precisely why the FBI is capable of accessing data from both platforms without developer assistance. Apple refuses to assist law enforcement with breaking into the phones of suspects accused of crimes. However, federal law enforcement has created its own workarounds to access Apple phones.

The Verdict

In the end, both of the mobile operating systems detailed above are susceptible to data breaches, many of which the manufacturers of these devices do not want to recognize. The moral of this story is it is a mistake to simply assume your company’s data or your personal data is safe on an Apple device, an Android device, or any other computing device.

Impenetrable security does not exist as of 2021. Be safe rather than sorry by relying on IT support experts in Los Angeles for guidance, and you will rest easy knowing you have done everything in your power to protect your information and systems.

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