IT Support in Los Angeles, Dark Web Monitoring, and Your Business

IT Support in Los Angeles, Dark Web Monitoring, and Your Business

What Is Dark Web Monitoring?

IT support providers in Los Angeles have as a core operational prerogative the protection of customers from threats on the dark web. To that end, dark web monitoring represents a key solution. With dark web monitoring, companies scour the web to find PI, or Personal Information, used either in identity theft or other capacities. This helps determine whether you've been hacked.

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The Things Stolen on the Dark Web, and Way to Protect Your Data

IT services providers in Los Angeles commonly encounter situations where data like the following are appropriated:

  • Passwords
  • Email Addresses
  • Usernames
  • Account Info
  • PIN Numbers
  • Credit Card Numbers

To combat this, MSPs will monitor dark web hotspots like forums, blogs, chat rooms, social media, general web pages, sharing networks of the peer-to-peer variety, servers, file transmissions, and web services. If you have been compromised, and such monitoring reveals as much, here are a few things to do:

Update Compromised Passwords--Password Management Is Key

IT support providers in Los Angeles commonly find customers have been so lax in security, they're practically inviting dark web criminals into their bank accounts. Password management is fundamental. This makes it so you have new passwords distributed across necessary areas of operations at intervals.

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The easiest way for a hacker to break into systems is poor password protection. Firewalls, antivirus software, operational monitoring, help desks, and employee education help--but password management is key.

Associated Banks Need to Be Notified of Compromise

If you think you've been compromised, it's important to determine which financial areas of operations, or personal resources, have been impacted. Immediately contact banks. Often, they have infrastructure in place to identify and counteract fraud; this can make it so you're able to bounce back if hit or take advantage of insurance options defining financial institutions--which could remunerate you for losses.

Keep An Eye On Relevant Credit Reports

IT experts strongly advise monitoring credit reports to assure you haven't had anything impact them which goes against the regular "flow" of day-to-day operations. Doing this can alert you something is going on which requires you to address it.

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Dark Web Monitoring and Protection Solutions

An IT support provider in Los Angeles like DCG Technical Solutions can help you conduct dark web monitoring through a variety of means; things to do if you've been hit (or suspect you have) include checking credit reports, notifying banks, and updating passwords--among other things. Contact us for more information and to find strategies as well as direct tech applications to protect your business.