IT Support in Los Angeles: Pros and Cons of BYOD

IT Support in Los Angeles: Pros and Cons of BYOD

BYOD, an acronym short for Bring Your Own Device, requires a detailed IT policy. The best BYOD policy makes it that much easier for employees to use their own personal devices for work purposes without lessening the digital protection. Opt for BYOD, and your company will spend less on overhead for such tech devices, instead zeroing in on how employees can make optimal use of their own devices without threatening your company’s digital security. Below, our IT support team in Los Angeles provides a look at the positives and negatives of BYOD.

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The majority of businesses have adopted BYOD for good reason. BYOD reduces overhead costs, shifting the financial burden of buying tech devices to employees rather than the company. BYOD also decreases expenses in areas ranging from data plans to employee training, IT support, and more.

BYOD is also beneficial in that it makes employees much happier. People love using their own devices rather than relying on their employer to provide every single computer used to get work done. Allow your employees to use their own devices for work, and you will find they are that much more likely to remain with your business and even encourage others to apply to work for your company.

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Perhaps the most glaring benefit of BYOD is it enhances employee flexibility. BYOD empowers your employees to work remotely, while on the road or elsewhere. In fact, employees can even access the company network from their own home using a cell phone, laptop, or other web-enabled devices. Add in the fact that BYOD enhances productivity all the more, and there is even more reason to implement such a policy at your business. The bottom line is employees are that much more comfortable working on their own devices rather than those provided by an employer.


The downside to BYOD is heightened security risk in the form of a digital attack or a stolen/lost device. BYOD can lead to employees exposing a personal computing device to a virus that ends up leading to a data breach. However, IT support professionals in Los Angeles can help reduce this risk.

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IT support experts in Los Angeles can help you develop and implement the best possible BYOD policy for your organization. Get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions to find out how we can help improve your digital security and help with additional tech challenges. Reach out to our IT outsourcing team in Los Angeles for more information