How IT Support Can Help You Create an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Small Business in Los Angeles

How IT Support Can Help You Create an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Small Business in Los Angeles

You need the best IT support services to create an effective disaster recovery plan (DRP) for your growing business in Los Angeles. A good DRP will enable you to adopt a set of policies, procedures, and tools that will ensure the continuation of your most important technology infrastructure for your organization. You will most likely apply these policies following a human or natural-induced disaster that may negatively impact your small business. The DRP will come in as a savior to allow your customers to enjoy uninterrupted services from you all the time. Here are factors to consider to prioritize your disaster recovery plan.

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Consider Business Data and System Integrity

Your backup solution should restore business data and systems to how they were at the time of the disaster. Even though this data recovery option may not be financially and technically feasible, your knowledge of how this can impact your business operations is important.

Give priority to business data and system integrity in your DRP. Additionally, your business model, size, and type will influence data recovery and integrity to get your business back in operation.

Consider the Downtime Cost

When disaster strikes, your business operations are likely to go offline. During this period, you may incur some financial costs, commonly known as downtime cost. According to experts, your small business can lose $137 to $427 in a minute when you’re not in operation. However, the amount your small business may lose depends on the industry, company size, and business model.

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Your business downtime cost will help you determine the right investment for the creation of DRP. For instance, you may turn to a cloud backup solution if your downtime cost is more than what you spend on your IT support services for your Los Angeles business.

Consider Implementation and Maintenance Cost

The initial cost you will incur to create an effective DRP is commonly referred to as the implementation cost. A perfect example of the implementation cost is when you hire an IT expert to offer training services to your staff regarding disaster recovery. Also, the implementation cost may come in when you buy a backup server to handle your off-site business data storage.

On the other hand, the maintenance cost is the actual running costs you may incur in maintaining the status of your DRP. Most of these cost occurs in the form of subscriptions to your cloud backup solution. An effective DRP can take care of both costs by keeping them below the downtime costs.

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Final Thought

For your business to survive after a disaster, you need an effective data recovery plan provided by IT support experts in Los Angeles. For more information, get in touch with us at DCG Technical Solutions.